How Much Does Mold Remediation Cost?

How Much Does Mold Remediation Cost In Albany New York?

If you’ve discovered an extensive mold problem in your home or building it can definitely be a stressful situation! The most common question we’re asked by our potential clients is “how much is mold remediation going to cost?”. Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear answer without inspecting your mold problem first but this article will give you a good idea on what to expect and what factors can play a role in the final cost of your mold remediation.

Important Note: Mold growth in your home or building is a serious health concern. There are literally thousands of species of mold that can grow on organic materials and they can range from a nuisance (white mold) to a severe health hazard (black mold). While some DIY mold removal solutions are on the market it doesn’t mean they will solve your mold issues.

Mold Remediation & Mold Removal Aren’t The Same Thing!

Another important thing to understand about mold services is that mold remediation and mold removal are not one and the same. These are in fact, very different services.

Mold removal is simply cleaning and removing the mold using specialized cleaners. Mold remediation is actually removing the mold contaminated material. If you want a more permenant solution to your mold problem then mold remediation is really your only choice.

So How Much Does Mold Remediation Cost?

The short answer to this question is somewhere between $10 to $35 per square foot. Typically mold remediation companies charge based on the square footage of the affected room and not just the square footage of the affected area. This is because mold spores are invisible to the naked eye and they can spread like crazy in an area that has been affected by mold. The remediation approach requires the entire room to be treated, not just the affected area.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Mold Remediation?

There are several factors that can increase the cost of your mold remediation project. We’ll list some of them here.

#1. How Extensive Is The Mold?

If your mold problem is isolated to a very specific room like a bathroom or a closet the cost is obviously going to be a lot less than if your attic has had an on-going mold problem due to an undetected roof leak or poor ventilation. The larger the affected area the more expensive it’s going to be to remediate. Mold is very tricky and it can grow in places you can’t easily see so it’s really important your mold remediation company does a thorough inspection of your home or building to ensure the problem is going to be eradicated. If you feel your mold remediation company is just looking around for “more work” so they can charge you more that’s usually not the case. If they are doing a thorough inspection you should be incredibly thankful they are trying to find ALL of the mold in your home or structure so it can be remediated properly.

#2. What Type Of Mold Are We Dealing With?

As mentioned above there are thousands of species of mold and fungus. Some are non-hazardous and others are a very serious health concern for building occupants. In some cases testing must be done to determine the type of mold so that the proper method can be used to remediate and eradicate the mold problem. The type of mold can definitely affect the overall price of your mold remediation project.

#3. How Long Has The Mold Problem Been Going On?

Most of the time, when mold is involved it’s a problem that has been going on for quite some time. Mold requires three things to thrive. Moisture, the right temperature, and organic material to feed on. This is why wood, drywall, carpet, and other building materials are so susceptible to mold under the right conditions. If you are fortunate enough to catch the mold issue quickly then it can usually be isolated to a specific area. If it’s been going on for months, even years, then it’s a pretty good chance the problem is very wide-spread and it’s going to be a lot more expensive to remediate. The moral of this story? If you suspect a moisture or mold issue in your home or building then you need to take immediate action! Do not wait.

#4. How Much Material Needs To Be Removed?

When mold takes hold it can destroy building materials and cause structural issues. Drywall, carpet, wood framing, and more can be damaged by the fungi as it feeds of the organic material. This contaminated material must be removed in order to reduce the level of mold spores in the affected area to an acceptable level where the problem will be unlikely to reoccur.

Removing building materials comes with a significant labor charge and the material must also be disposed of at the proper waste management facility which also has a cost.

When materials are removed they obviously need to be replaced too which will further add to the cost of the remediation project. Not very homeowners want to stare at the bare framing of their home if their drywall has been removed.

#5. How Accessible Is There Mold Contaminated Area?

Mold can grow in tight and hard-to-reach spaces. This can make it’s remediation that much more difficult. Let’s take an attic for example. Typically attics are cramped spaces, they are not easy to walk-in or maneuver in so it takes considerably more time to remediate these areas.

If we’re remediating mold from an apartment building we’ll face even more access issues, especially if the affected apartment is on an upper floor in the building. We need to travel too and from street level and we need to take extra precautions when hauling out the materials so we don’t negatively affect other residents. This can significantly add to the labor cost.

#6. The Use Of Special Equipment & Chemicals

Mold remediation is serious business and it requires the use of very expensive, specialized equipment such as air filtration systems, and specialized chemicals such as anti-microbial, and anti-fungal agents. When we are removing mold contaminated materials we need to seal off the affected area and use a specialized air filtration system that has the ability to filter out the airborne mold spores so it doesn’t spread throughout the home.

Be very careful hiring any mold remediation company that isn’t using this equipment or doesn’t mention the use of anti-microbial or anti-fungal agents. Simply removing the affected material is generally not thorough enough to prevent the problem from returning. For this reason a contractor using the proper equipment, chemicals, and procedures will naturally be more expensive that a contractor that isn’t.

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